Location News -  Shooting for Discovery Science Channel

 December 2011 - BTV crews were in the Binghamton,  NY area for 3 days of shooting for a show on the Discovery Science channel.  Director of Photography Dave Bartlett used BTV's Panasonic HDX900 with a Nanoflash to shoot XDCAM footage for the shows LA-based producers.  Multiple locations and cameras were used including some GoPro's and a DSLR for an interview that took place on the top of a church steeple.  5 levels of ladders and small access holes didn't stop the crew from getting to the top.  More info on the show and when it airs (sometime next year) will be added to this page later. 

Preparing to shoot in what I like to call the "Indiana Jones" room

Our PA Jim doing stand-in work... and checking messages...

Using the DSLR for those hard to get to locations (5 levels up)

Dave, Savas and Kelley on top of a Church steeple

Talking over the shot as the HDX900/Nanoflash stands by...

On the street interview...an audio tech's nightmare.

Back down on ground level...

The back of the van after a hectic day of shooting.

Another interview setup

Last shoot of the day.


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